Saturday, 11 June 2016

Mint Hit Smoothie

I would say I'm sorry for all the smoothies, but babes, I am sooo not.

It is so hot here, these are all I want to drink! And sometimes I want them to taste just a little green, because we totally take advantage of spinach and just cover her up with so many other flavours. Let the green SHINE, baby! I have a little mint bush growing in the garden, and none of us have killed it yet! Hallelujah!! This smoothie is amazing and green and tastes like a sweet vegetable patch in your mouth.

I whipped it up when I woke up a couple mornings ago, after dreaming about how to edit my internal assessment (IB kids can relate). Suddenly, the idea of studying and exams and flashcards and numb butts from too much sitting made me feel so sad and depressed that I made banana oat bars (recipe comin' soon!) and nestled my forehead on the oven handle as they baked. The reality that I am a junior in high school slapped me in the face. Tbh, reality must have been really annoyed because I have now been a junior for eight months, and I have happily ignored that fact for as long. I know that I won't even remember what I got in my real IB exams in a few years time, and I know that there are much worse things in other people's lives than a bunch of tests, but in that moment, I felt so completely and utterly lost. I've never been good at studying, so I've managed to scrape through high school with the minimum -  but now, I had to knuckle down and just DO it. I could hardly bear the idea. Managing to revise would mean I was - am - growing up, and I really don't want to grow up right now. The oven handle was comfortingly warm. I ate almost all of the bars myself before my afternoon exam, and I drank this minty smoothie with it. In fact, I'm not sure my family knows this smoothie - or the bars - ever existed. MUAHAHAHA!!

Needless to say, I felt better. My momma weaned me on food comfort. What can I say?

But let's talk about yay! things. I'm really looking forward to a party that one of my friends is having next week, 'cause we're just gonna camp out, drink some good stuff (not alcohol ;) and roll in the sand. Someone I haven't seen in a while is coming, and I'm really excited. Or nervous? I once read that the reactions in the body for both of those emotions are the same, so I could be either - or both! One thing I know for sure is that I really miss him.

Anyway: drink your troubles away, my lovelies. It is summer, we are alive, and if that isn't good enough, then what is?

xx sam

Mint Hit Smoothie


A few sprigs of mint
Big handful of spinach
Juice of one orange
Half a banana 


1. Blend it all up, baby, and slurp! 

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