Saturday, 28 May 2016

Raw cacao-coconut-almond truffles + water spirituality

Hey guys!

I made these balls for a trip I went on recently with my class in the hope that if faced with bad candies I'd turn to these babies. I still ended up eating a ton of oreos, but that's more down to my own lack of self control, because these truffles were sooo amazing!! They were soft and flavourful and aaaall the teachers asked me for the recipe. My truffles bring all da teachahs to the yard ;)

We went swimming in this beautiful natural pool, basically the end to a river, after hunting down river insects all day. Those things have a lot of legs. Also eyes. Being the youth'ed heathens we are, we decided to jump in the river. It was so cold, but so gorgeous, and I had this single moment of absolute freedom. Then I surfaced for air, and I felt something heavy on my head. My friends were pointing at my head and screaming something, but everything felt as if it was on mute. It dawned on me. Was there a THING on my head?? I brushed it off, panicking and treading water, because now I couldn't bear the idea of touching the muddy floor. My heart was going really fast. I couldn't see, either, come to think of it, so I touched my face in search of my glasses.

Then I realised. The thing on my head had been my glasses.

My heart plummeted. No no no no no no.

I said a very rude word. Two, actually.

My friends' faces were all blurry, and suddenly I was just thinking, I can't look for them. I just can't. I can't rifle around in the mud, knowing what's down there. I knew the insects wouldn't hurt me, I knew they were tiny, but I could already feel myself hyperventilating and I was on the verge of tears. My glasses are a part of me. It felt like losing my arm. I looked around for my friends, but I couldn't see them, and I suddenly felt so frustrated, both with them and for myself.

 Then, Anna looked at me. We'd said nasty things to each other in the past, and we didn't talk too much. We have a tiny class, so we had to interact, but we never liked each other. At that moment, I wasn't crying, but I was the only one in that little pool, mud swirling all around me. She didn't say a word. She just jumped in.

I was shocked.

She took a big breath as she resurfaced and looked me in the eyes. Her blonde hair, usually immaculate, was stuck to her cheeks, and her eyes were wide. She held her hand out. "Hold." She said commandingly. I squeezed her hand tight, suddenly flooded with a surge of affection and relief. We nodded at each other, inhaled deeply, and went under.

Adrenaline coursed through my body as I felt blindly on the muddy ground, no longer crippled by the idea of the insects. The knowledge that Anna was next to me was enough. The mud was thick and soft, and I felt a jagged edge. My heart lightened. My glasses? Then I realised it was a rock. I couldn't hold my breath any longer, so I paddled back up, opening my eyes for just a second under the water.

Everything was brown and blue and yellow, brown for mud, blue from the sky, and yellow from the sun. It was all hazy, and I let out a sharp burst of air through my nose as I looked at the ground. It was black, and I had been down there. I smiled a little to myself, feeling the bubbles from my released breath tickle my forehead as they escaped. When I broke the water, Anna nodded at me. "Again?"

I didn't think we'd find them, not in this mud. In fact, I knew we wouldn't find them. But I didn't mind. I felt happy knowing a little piece of me would be here forever. I shook my head, and Anna looked like she understood.

We got out of the water carefully, and everything was still on mute. I felt like I was totally at peace with the world.

I felt Anna whisper in my ear. "Your shorts are totally see-through."

And thus, my spiritual nymph-like water journey ground to a halt.

lots of love,
Sam x

1 cup raw dessicated coconut
1 cup almonds
8 dried dates, soaked, pitted
3 tbspns almond butter
2 tbspns raw cacao
IF TOO DRY: 1 tbspn coconut oil

1. Blend all up in a blender! (If your blender is a little wheezy, I'd recommend doing the dates first, and then adding the rest)
2. Eat some.
3. Then  roll dutifully into balls and try and share! :)

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