Thursday, 4 October 2018

Dawn of Second Year

Dearest children,

Second year blooms in front of me like a carrion flower: a beautiful, red blossom that opens to behold the smell of rotting corpse.

Dampen your enthusiasm, Samantha, I hear you squeal!

I jest.

It has been a long, hot summer (thanks, caroline.) filled with placement which I am SO SORRY I HAVEN'T TOLD YOU ABOUT but was definitely a very mixed bag, meeting M's parents which was so so exciting and so so nerve wracking, seeing my momma and my sisters and chilling out on the beach, obsessing over eating too much ice cream and grabbing my stomach surreptitiously, and eating more ice cream. how was your guys's summer? <3

But now, second year is starting, my babies, and the truth is slugging me on the face and leaving low-fat margarine tears to drip down my skin: this year counts. I can no longer while away endless wednesday evenings drinking straight vodka to minimise my sugar intake before Citrus; early thursday mornings eating piles of toast and drunkenly swearing I'll make it to my lecture; and late thursday mornings swearing that it's okay, I'll make it next time. Less Fridays of shamedly limping back to Manor Park from M's in my favourite (and only) pair of heels and buying orange juice from tesco on the way back. I have to actually knuckle down, which sucks a bit.

I've put on a little holiday weight, as Ross would say, and when i poke my stomach she bubbles in a way she never has before. my favourite banana dress did not zip up yesterday. and that is okay. I will get back to my normal weight as my routine fluctuates back to normal. I really have been eating whatever i wanted recently, and i want to tell you guys too: it is okay to gain weight. weight fluctuates with our lives. whenever i see the lovely girls from my course again i keep thinking, ugh, they must be thinking how fat i've gotten. and it makes me so bitter, wrapping it all inside myself and then eating 10,000 raw vegan snickers bars when i get home and sniggering "it doesn't matter anyway."

here are some yummy things i have been eating recently and i want to publish recipes for ALL OF THEM:

1. shredded beetroot, greek yoghurt, savoury seasoning. a persian specialty from my housemate. x

2. no-knead peasant bread. a crispy, buttery crust and the most beautiful soft innards that taste amazing dunked in mushroom or tomato soup.

3. greek yoghurt with fruit and M's mum's jam. she is so lovely and takes care of me v cutely. when my hair was dry, she rubbed oil into my hair!!! what an angel. I love going to visit A LOT.

will do an update into uni food and uni life in a bit darlings. things with M going excellently despite him being an oblivious little pumpkin. i try not to mother him but its so hard, he's such a sweet, clueless bunny.

have a lovely weekend my darlings. peace out.

xo sam

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